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No birth story goes exactly as planned, but Quinn’s birth story is so different from what we ever could have possibly imagined for the birth of our second baby. Before we even found out we were pregnant, I was already planning a home VBAC. I’d emailed local birth centers, doulas and midwives, researched VBAC safety statistics and strategies […]

The last several weeks have been eventful ones for our little family. Three weeks ago, the same blood test that let us know the exciting news that we’re expecting our first baby girl also gave us the difficult news that our girl’s blood type is Rh+, meaning that she will be in danger throughout the […]

Everyone’s idea of motherhood looks different. While pregnant, or even before, I think every woman considers what style of motherhood will be her own and how she wants to parent her children. Co-sleeping or crib sleeping, breastfeeding or formula, cry-it-out or attachment parenting – it’s an entire world of choices and everyone has to decide […]