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I’ve been dreaming about a home garden for months. Watering our pretty green plants while I sip my morning coffee and Knox helping me pick a basket full of fresh vegetables for dinner? Count me in, you guys. But because we own a townhouse, we don’t have a backyard. And though Pinterest keeps trying to show me that […]

I think it’s fair to say I’m obsessed with this scrub. I use it a few times per week on my face and stomach and not only does the caffeine exfoliate, improve circulation and help tighten my post-pregnancy skin, it also perks me up in the morning even before I get to actually consume my first cup […]

  A few years ago, when we were anticipating starting a family in the near future, I began making changes to my every day routines to make sure the products I was using were pregnancy-safe and as non-toxic as possible. I traded my salicylic acid face wash for jojoba oil and raw honey, and my benzoyl […]

  For months and months after we purchased our house, this room – the “spare bedroom” – sat completely empty aside from miscellaneous, homeless items we stored in here and promptly forgot about. This room was the last we began working on and the first room to be 100% finished. All throughout my pregnancy, I obsessed away […]

When we bought our first townhouse almost three years ago, it was pretty much as basic, generic and 1990s builder-grade as they come. The walls were all painted pastel yellow or lavender (whoever decided these were appropriate neutrals, I’m unsure). The flooring choices included cheap tan carpets and mismatched linoleums and there was golden oak everything as […]