Hi, I’m Andrea – a photographer, writer and maker. But mostly, I’m a Mama.

I’m an early riser. A workout junkie and recent marathon runner. A terrible driver but the best adventure-seeking, coffee-shop-finding, dance-party-initiating road trip partner. Addicted to DIY home renovations (no surface of our house is safe from my paint, wood, dye or concrete). Owner of two lazy, carrot-loving puggles. An English major with two (still) unpublished novels gathering dust on my computer hard drive  and a photographer with a passion for golden hour and adventurous weddings. Former Midwesterner with a bit of California in my soul. Firm believer that one good book can change your life. Most awkward small-talker of all time (a fair warning). Lover of cozy sweaters, Mexican food, autumn and the smell of thunderstorms. Wife to my high school sweetheart. And in June of 2015, I found my greatest purpose when I became Mama to our son, Knox.

I get to split my time between motherhood and creative work (and sometimes both at once, as I type away at the computer with a sweet sleeping baby in my lap or show up to a photo session with a baby strapped to my back). I couldn’t imagine having two more perfect jobs.