A regular old Monday.

This past weekend was one of my favorite kind. The kind where we don’t make plans that involve wearing make-up or real pants, where the baby takes good naps and we catch up on bad TV, where we end the day with belly-laughing tickle fights, where it’s totally acceptable to stop for a donut on the way to the beach for a family run and where, when you plop down on the couch on Sunday evening, you’re exhausted but happy to start Monday with a sparkling clean house and a checked off to-do list.

Today begins the first full week in a month that we have no visitors and won’t be visitors ourselves. And as much as I LOVE our always-wild summer travel schedule, I have to admit that I’m so ready for a little break. I’m going to miss the adult conversation something fierce and I’ll miss the good excuse to go out touristing in our own city and of course I always miss seeing our friends and family when they’re gone, but deep down in my soul I’m a creature of habit (and also, a creature who likes hanging out at home in pants not suitable for public viewing). Our schedule is back to revolving around errands and naps, batch cooking baby breakfasts, never-ending diaper laundry and reading and re-reading and re-reading again ALL of the board books (especially the Elmo puppet one…PLEASE, for the love of God, someone hide the Elmo puppet one).

Kids are such resilient creatures, you know? I’m always worried about my to-do list, my plans, my schedule. Every summer I stress about when I’m going to find spare time to clean the guest bathroom again and how to plan meals to feed more than 2.5 humans and, this year, whether or not our visitors are going to be bored out of their minds accommodating a mini-toddler who likes to fight the naps he desperately needs and prefers not to ride in the car more than absolutely necessary. And meanwhile, while I’m worrying about all of these trivial little odds and ends, Knox is waking up to a revolving door of friendly but not 100% familiar faces, having his sleep schedule tweaked and bumped and interrupted, eating new food in new places and logging extra hours in the carseat or strapped to Mama’s body while we drive across the city or hike up a mountain when what he’d really prefer to be doing is running free, touching all of the things he shouldn’t be touching. The world as he knows it, flipped on its side. But our friendly little man has LOVED all the company, and all things considered, he’s taken the hiccups in his routine like a champ.

The next two weeks will be just our little family of three (five, because fur babies count, too). I’m going to soak up the one-on-one time, the monotony, the boring old routine before we get to welcome more of our favorite people in the world in August. That little nugget of ours is always teaching me – how to stress less, adapt more and enjoy it all, both the busy, chaotic, adventure-filled moments and these sweet simple ones.

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