I can’t wait to accidentally kill all of these plants.

I’ve been dreaming about a home garden for months. Watering our pretty green plants while I sip my morning coffee and Knox helping me pick a basket full of fresh vegetables for dinner? Count me in, you guys. But because we own a townhouse, we don’t have a backyard. And though Pinterest keeps trying to show me that it’s possible to grow a nice container garden on your tiny back porch, I’m just not quite convinced. And besides, stepping onto the porch to grab a tomato from the five gallon bucket garden doesn’t really have the same picturesque appeal. One just can’t frolic through the back porch, you know what I’m saying?

But at the back our complex there’s a small, completely unused patch of grass that happens to get the most sun of any outdoor spot on our property. And so, after a bit of convincing (of both the husband and the homeowner’s association), approximately 347 trips to Lowes and a lot of elbow grease, this past weekend we were finally able to get our first garden started. We’re now the proud owners of a 10X2.5 foot raised garden bed filled with strawberries, blueberries, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes. It’s not exactly frolic-able, but at the very least, Knox and I can skip around the grass while we water our plants. And hopefully he’ll grow to learn where his food comes from and what it takes to nurture it from a tiny seed to the fruits and vegetables he sees on his plate.

To say I have a black thumb would be a bit of an understatement – I’ve somehow managed to kill every succulent, cactus and flower that has ever entered into our home. But this time I did thorough research – I planned the precise soil type we needed, the mulch, the fertilizer, the right time of day to water. So far, so good – but at least we’ll always have the lovely garden photos below, as I’m likely to kill these poor plants any moment now.

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